Relocation Planning For Data Center in India

 Until now, most companies considered data center relocation a once-in-a-lifetime event. As the technological demands and infrastructure advances continue to expand thus 53% of companies will relocate their data center in India. What how can someone do successful server relocation planning and execution?

Data centre movers and server movers have years of experience in moving and relocating a server. Working with their IT team ensures minimum downtime and maximizes performance. Select the partner with deep knowledge and experience in server relocation so during the move you don't have to worry.


Panning is a crucial part of data center relocation. Successful data center colocation needs good team coordination in both companies. Also, note down data security concerns before moving into a new facility. Moreover, you should also note other important things like a solid disaster recovery plan. Protecting your company from similar issues and meeting all the successful relocation demands ensures a smooth and successful transition. Proper planning is very essential and it is directly impacted by the team you choose for data center relocation.

Wiring Cooling capacity space are a few issues that should be addressed while addressing hardware issues in the data center relocation. However, this may seem to be a good time to implement new updates into the system but as per the experts implementing them slowly would be a good choice. Data center relocation planning and execution lie on the skills of the professional Server movers and data movers working with the IT team so that your website suffers minimum downtime.

The key to success

The main element of a successful data center relocation project is by choosing the correct team coordinator most companies do not have someone within their experienced staff as it is a specialized industry with several unique challenges. Selecting an experienced coordinator to work with the data center movers and server movers is also essential for a successful relocation project.

The external coordinator you choose should be able to provide you with an adaptive plan based on the company’s or individual’s needs and resources. Their role will also include creating a timeline and milestone for the move pre-planning and identifying risks and impacts of the move. Moreover, they will also create an execution plan that includes shutting down time, wiring needs at the new location, cooling requirements, and several other items that can be missed.

Data center relocation planning documentation

It is a document that provides a detailed overview of the plan. Items that should be listed are:

  • A detailed list of diagrams of everything like hardware, software, wiring, inventory list application dependencies, system process, and interactions in a detailed manner.
  • It should include your ideal working environment. Moreover, tell the processes that will make relocation successful. Documentation at this point will include details of the move, also do the servers require updates, changes, and upgrades.
  • Do not underestimate the complexity of the move. Your company will also have to provide internal specialists as they are aware of the software and environment. The amount of help you can hire depends on the needs thus discuss this before relocating your data center to India


Relocation of a data center in India can be one of the most crucial tasks but you can do that by choosing a reliable relocation service provider. if you think that co-location facilities are not meant for you then you can go for server colocation services. Also for successful data center relocation, you need to incorporate your time, money, and hard work. However, if you have access to a genuine service provider then data center relocation is not an issue for 

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